Tech Rise Capital is an investment boutique focused on start-ups and scale-ups in the Dutch Tech sector. Providing innovative financing solutions and fundraising advisory hand in hand with our recruitment arm, Tech Rise People, gives us a competitive edge for the growth needs of our ventures.

Our mission is to generate safe and consistent returns to our investors and help our ventures scale up to become sustainable businesses.

We do this by providing Financial Capital and Human Capital services.

Financial Capital

Revenue Based Financing
We provide fast non-dilutive capital through our Revenue Based Financing (RBF) solution. RBF allows companies to grow at an accelerated rate without hidden costs, personal guarantees or warranties. The company pays a fixed percentage of its revenue based on the amount received until the agreed upon amount has been repaid.

Equity Financing
Tech Rise further invests through classic Equity Financing, while it is important to mention that we often offer a mix between our growth capital solutions if we see fit. The involvement of our recruitment arm, Tech Rise People, further gives portfolio companies access to the best Tech talent.

Tech Rise Capital provides fundraising and advisory services to start-ups and scale-ups facing challenges in their fundraising journey.

Human Capital

Tech Recruitment
Our recruiters utilize their networks and experience to find the most suitable candidates for your company. Along with this, we have dedicated sourcers and growth hackers always on the lookout to expand our network in a scalable manner whilst retaining the highest standards in culture fit and technical ability.

Digital Recruitment
We know that building (digital) capabilities requires a different type of leadership than the integration of these into your existing teams. In both situations, it is important to look at the right type of leadership in addition to functional expertise. We understand the nuances of these roles and know what qualities one needs to possess to be successful in tackling the challenges of tomorrow.

Growth planning
We understand the human capital journey required to go from start-up to scale-up to corporate. With our partners, we define an actionable talent roadmap to build robust and scalable companies.

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